Why Did Archeologists Find Good And Interesting Caves? Today, caves are not seen as creepy or dark places anymore. Supernatural aura is not the focus of caves nowadays. In fact, caves today are often used for recreational and sport purposes. Caves are also used as a place to study in different disciplines such as biology, geology, archaeology, anthropology, poker online and many more. Caves are interesting place and full of valuable information of the past. The societies and humanities from the past have been used caves for many different purpose. We can trace them by finding more the remains or evidence left from the past.

What Is Meant By Archeology?

Why Did Archeologists Find Good And Interesting Caves?

Why Did Archeologists Find Good And Interesting Caves?

As for archaeology, caves also play important role. Archaeology itself is a study of human activity in the past through various material culture recovery and analysis. there are various elements to be analyzed in archaeology such as architecture, artifacts, ecofact, biofacts, cultural landscapes, etc. Those materials can exist in the caves because it is known that earlier human have been used caves since a very long time ago. Archaeological caves are to be explored by scientists and archaeologists alike. Sediments, rock, painting, ruins, bones, and more can be found in the caves that can lead to further analysis of humanity and society of the past.

The Process Of Exploration In Caves Through Archaeology Is Not Simple

Why Did Archeologists Find Good And Interesting Caves?

process of exploration

It requires long research and analysis. Not to mention that cave has different and more complex structures than other fields archaeologists often work at. Water is the major factor in cave which can influence the process of archaeological exploration and analysis. Water can move objects such as rocks, sediment, or bones in caves. Therefore, it can affect the chronological order. The correct conditions for preservation of chronologically deposited layers are often to not be found. It causes problems for archaeologists to gather more accurate estimation of the past. Putting every piece together in the correct order will be a very challenging process.

Carefully explore The Cave

Why Did Archeologists Find Good And Interesting Caves?

exploring the cave

Meanwhile, the process of exploration in caves cannot be done carelessly because wrong method might just destroy the place and most importantly, the evidence. Excavation is known to be the most common method in archaeology. However, it is also known to cause real destruction. The process of digging through excavation can only be done with comprehensive recording system. It is important to measure, draw, describe, photograph, sample, and test the findings. Everything should be done with thorough preparation and plan. After everything is gathered, the process is still long because every evidence needs to be analyzed using the correct methods. Before the conclusions drawn and the reports written, the process can be very much time-consuming and costly.

Cave is very important source of information and knowledge especially about things we can learn of the past, be it humanity, society, and environment. The process of exploration through excavation today is often done in smaller scale to avoid the risk of destroying the place and evidence. The process of recording information should be done quickly before it is lost. It is because the recording of important materials is vital in cave archaeology.