Very Fun And Very Impressive Facts About The Cave. Caves appear due to natural geological processes. The elements that contribute to the cave formation are varied. Not to mention that there are different types of caves. Each cave has its distinctive features as well. That’s why learning more about caves is never boring. It is also important to know that cave is formed not in a day or two. It takes hundreds to millions years to form a cavern system. Therefore, they don’t just appear out of nowhere. Caves are often well-hidden making them difficult to be discovered. They are always underneath the surface of the earth. Some caves have been found and some are still well-hidden somewhere.

How Did The Cave Form?

Very Fun And Very Impressive Facts About The Cave

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Interesting thing about cave is how it is formed. It is actually not directly formed as cave in the beginning. It starts out as rocks formations that have been existed for million years. They are formed with various elements such as limestone, marble, dolomite, or gypsum. These are types of rocks that usually can be formed into caves through geological processes. These types of rocks can dissolve easily over the time. Thus, it is more possible for these types of rocks to form caves.

The Facts of the Formation of a Cave

Very Fun And Very Impressive Facts About The Cave

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Caves are made through various natural processes such as erosion from water, chemical actions, pressure, microorganism, or tectonic and volcanic force. A cave slowly form when water runs over the types of rocks mentioned above. The water is acidic which is why is has good old munch on those rocks. The more and longer water runs over them, the bigger the cave will grow over the time. However, it is possible for the water to find new path. If this happens, the cave that has been formed earlier will be left dry. Caves can be formed from lava as well. Usually, hot lava melts and creates holes. Then, waves and tidal actions can also form caves or cavern system. It is because tidal and waves continuously hit against soluble rocks.

Parts of the Cave

Very Fun And Very Impressive Facts About The Cave

Parts of the cave

It is interesting to explore especially when they have accessible passageways. Usually, the passageways are formed by the erosion of rocks surrounding the cave. Inside the caves, there are many interesting features we can explore or just see. Stalactite and stalagmites are often found inside the caves. Stalactites are hanging on the ceilings and grow down. Meanwhile, stalagmite grown from the floor of the cave. Both stalactites and stalagmites are created by water rich in mineral.

It is possible for stalactites and stalagmites to join making a united formation. However, this is very rare to find. It takes a very long time to create such formation. Every formation of stalactite and stalagmite is unique and interesting. Caves are often used as a good spot for photography and situs judi poker as well. A cave is fun to explore. The term for cave exploration is varied. It is called caving, spelunking, or potholing. Today, caves are used for different purpose from the past. Today, they are often used for research or study done by scientists. There are the deepest, longest, and largest cave around the world you can find out more.